Tijani Hakeem Olaleke

Youth Pastor, Life Coach and Mentor for Teens/Youths

………..I SOMETIMES WISHED I HAD MET HIM EARLIER -    My name is Tijani Hakeem Olaleke, I am a Youth Pastor, Life Coach and Mentor for Teens/Youths, helping young people discover their purpose and fulfilling that purpose with a passion and how it aligns with discovering God is a calling I can only say he graciously endowed me with. One faithful day Mrs Ifeoma Azogu, a parent of one of Teens in the church had told me about how a man had done Purpose review for her Kids, and she was so excited about all she had discovered about the boys. She felt very positive about me and Mr Adeniyi Perterson meeting. Then I met Mr Adeniyi Peterson at the end of 2013 or early 2014, a rare and Gifted man, I can say with no iota of doubt, I sometimes wished I met him earlier(Laughs). Need I say he is a very unassuming person which really makes him stand out. After just 6 minutes of meeting him, (he drove to my house oo) my life and that of many he has met through me has changed tremendously. Encountering him has helped me become a better person in not just knowing my purpose, also in focusing on the one unique thing that makes me, me. He has been invited to speak with the Youth Leaders and Teens at House On The Rock, Abuja, where I was the Youth Pastor and believe it was one of the best moments of our Youth Ministry after then he has helped a lot of families and has also spoken at the Annual Youth Camp in GOSHEN with over 150 Children in attendance. God has uniquely blessed Mr Adeniyi Peterson with a gift to help people discover their Life's Purpose. I am eternally grateful and so honoured to have crossed his path. Many will die with not even discovering that unique and particular thing that makes them stand out, that will not be our lot. I will recommend anyone and everyone. Families, Organizations, Schools, Churches and NGOs need him.  

Kingsley Uju

Project Manager & Senior Partner At Capital City Development Limited - A Real Estate Development Company

  ……..HIS THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF HIS CRAFT LEFT MY COLLEAGUES AND I BEWILDERED -  It has been said that the two most important days of any life are the days when one is born and (I think more importantly) the day one discovers why. Truer words I believe have never been spoken. I met Peterson at a staff retreat / training session organized  by my former employers in the year 2012. His passion as well as his thorough understanding of his craft left my colleagues and I bewildered. His degree of accuracy in determining ones true calling and natural gifts are unmatched within our climes. I have come to a better understanding of myself and how I am “hardwired” to function and this has brought me great liberation. I will end with a popular quote - Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Let Peterson introduce you to your genius.

Segun Araromi

 Management Consultant

YOU SHOULD TALK TO PETERSON…. -  A key ingredient of success is "playing to your strength" & "putting square pegs in square holes". Peterson Adeniyi will help you define your 20% advantage, which, if properly harnessed, can deliver 80% of your results. You should talk to him if you are deciding on your career or life's direction, or if you want to get the best out of a relationship, be it employer-employee, husband wife, or even platonic friendships.

Jane Odonwodo

Human Resource Manager @ Ventures Platform Ltd

……………WE HAVE HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL, ANALYTICAL AND STRATEGIC WORKFORCE -  I met Peterson Adeniyi at the profiling stage of my interview for the role of HR Manager for Venture Platform ltd. At the time, I found it both strange and exciting that an organization will go all out to engage a Profiler in its recruitment and selection process. I eventually got the job and was even more excited to experience the effect of his recommendations in the make-up of the whole team at Venture Platform and its subsidiaries. Peterson Adeniyi has been the official Profiler for our company for over five years and literally birthed the makeup of a team of professional, analytical and strategic work force for each. His work extensively assists our HR team in recruiting not just the right fit for open roles but candidates who perfectly fits our company culture. His recommendations have helped us detect frustration triggers for our candidates and ways we can help our new intakes reach their potential in the work place. Peterson Adeniyi’s profiling recommendations has made my work as HR Manager less dramatic.

Sam Obafemi

President, Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy, SOBCA

…..PETERSON IS A WIZARD OF PERSONALITY DISCOVERIES -  I met Mr. Peterson through our mutual friend, Segun Araromi some time in 2014 but had heard about him prior to that time as a wizard of personality discoveries. Meeting him and engaging him over the years has proven that he is versatile and very profound in what he does. His on the spot ability to perceive and accurately profile people is, without being patronizing, very amazing. He has profiled my daughters, profiled me, my staff and indeed following his work online and seeing how the feedback indicate his accuracy, I can only say that he is the go-to guy for identifying your compass from where you can chart your life journey. I recommend Mr Peterson, 24/7.

Owotemu Abel

Business Analyst & Consultant

……..DESTINY ENCOUNTER -  Short of calling my meeting with Mr Adeniyi  a destiny encounter.... it was a chance meeting that changed my outlook and approach to life and how I related with people. I was at the point of my meeting with him going to take up a new job (after a protracted disengagement from a former employer) and out of curiosity Mr. Adeniyi asked me what the new role entailed and after explaining myself, he made what was (for want of a better term) predictions that came true.... I went back to him and discussed further to prevent what had happened in previous roles I had managed from reoccurring..... In a nutshell, Mr. Adeniyi's analysis backed by scientific and insightful counseling methods repositioned my approach towards my work-life and engagement with others. Thank you for helping me realign my drive and discovering the purpose of my gifts and abilities.  

Toba Aboyeji 

People Development Specialist

…….IT WAS AN EUREKA MOMENT…. I have known coach Peterson for over twenty-five years as a classmate, friend and business partner and most recently as a coach My first session with him as a personality and life purpose clarity expert is best described as an illumination of my innate man. It was an Eureka moment that left me speechless and in awe of the rare calling that has been bestowed on him. I have since enjoyed every interaction with him as it bothers with navigating my journey in life, business and ministry His breadth of knowledge and expertise on the subject of personality and purpose is absolutely phenomenal, similarly his counsel is dependable and I can attest to the fact that every minute you spend with him as a coach will be an investment that will set you on course for life.  

‘Deji Jemiyo,

Managing Partner, Jeman Consulting

Mr Peterson Adeniyi is very good at uncovering your personality and aligning it to your purpose and strength. Over the years, he has supported Jeman Consulting in recruiting the "right people" and the impact of having right fits has been felt in our performances. He is also passionate in helping people live a life of purpose and fulfilment.