Do you often feel demotivated towards your work? Are you constantly lacking energy to carry out your daily tasks? Are you stalked with thoughts asking ‘could there be more?’ Well, you’re not alone.

Would you like to go to bed every single day with a sense of fulfilment; feeling like you have made your mark and contributed to making the world a better place? Would you like this for your friends, children, employees and students?

For over 7 years now, I have used the PurposefinderTM framework to help hundreds of individuals gain sterling clarity about their life's purpose just by having a 3 hour one-on-one session with me. Clients always get a sense of their true identity, passion, security, wholeness, leadership, freedom and most importantly, a clarity of how their lives can impact the world. I work with them to discover and clarify their personality, passion, values, natural abilities and how everything intertwines into their life’s purpose.


Best fit!

Do you know that every job role has at least 20 personality traits that fit, to guarantee high performance?

From my experience, I can confirm that prospective candidates might have relevant qualifications and experiences and still exhibit sub-optimal performance if their personality does not perfectly align with the roles and the culture of the organization. As an expert in personality and organizational profiling, my team and I assist recruiters and the Human Resource Teams of organisations in the selection of individuals whose personality naturally aligns with the stated job roles and the organizational culture.
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Spot on Parenting!

How would it feel to understand the uniqueness of your child and know their life’s path? Think about how much direction your children would have when you are able to guide them along their life’s purpose and provide necessary exposure early in their lives. Parents always want to be sure their children make right choices in life. I am fully aware of this and I have created the ‘parenting program’ which uncovers each child's uniqueness with respect to personality, learning style, suitable senior classes, careers and extracurricular activities.

Participants are able to profile up to 4 children during the program with amazing insights shared to provide a clear understanding of each child’s core inclinations so as to help them become the best they were meant to be.


Super Teacher!

Our signature Teachers program, ‘Effective Teaching and Effective Learning' enlightens teachers on the four teaching and learning styles and how to balance the four styles in a typical classroom situation based on Personality type theory.

Teachers teach the way they learn.

And If the only way a teacher knows to teach is how he or she learns, more than half of the class might not be learning at all.

Imagine if all your teachers are well grounded in all teaching and learning styles!

This training is the first of its kind in Nigeria and the feedbacks have been amazing.. I’m sure you would not want to be left out!


Marital Bliss...Dream come true! 

What if I told you it is still possible to have a blissful marriage today? More importantly, what if I showed you how?

Many have given up on the 'bliss' in marriage, believing its a myth due to the rising number of many failing marriages. All married and intending couples must realize that their spouses are a product of two factors: NURTURE AND NATURE. Many marital challenges are traceable to Significant Emotional Experiences (SEE), background and Personality differences.

All of these I often reveal in a private session which provides clients with useful insights; helping them create the blissful marriage they deserve.


Introducing: Peterson's School Of Purpose (PSP)!

At PSP, we have only one agenda: to knock off all forms of confusion about your life’s purpose! Participants gain a brand new perspective and clarity about who they are and what they should be doing with their lives.

PSP is a day seminar and holds from city to city across Nigeria; many times in partnership with youth and faith-based organisations.

PSP uses a framework that guarantees the discovery and implementation of your life's purpose as we help you:

-Discover your Personality
-Discover your Highest Passion
-Discover your natural abilities
-Write your Purpose statement based on your discoveries
-Create a solution based on the statement
-Duplicate the solution with same quality
-Distribute the solution to the world

Welcome to the world of Purpose fulfilment!