My Purpose was Calling Me

Like most church boys, back in the 80s and 90s, I tried to learn to play a musical instrument. I started playing the Keyboard for my church and school when I was 14. Discovered I had a musical voice at 15, taught contemporary gospel music and later groomed choirs from the scratch. I groomed and set up a couple of choirs when I was a University student and was the Music Director for the Christian Corpers fellowship in my state and more.

If I had ended up in a studio, people that knew me would not have been be surprised. I had invested so much time in music because the only good thing I knew about myself and people knew of me was the fact that I could play the keyboard and could sing well

My degree in Political Science and MBA did not even mean much.

Just working as an Administrator at some point in time. I was not passionate about my 9 to 5 job.

How did I make the switch?

While working at my job, I knew I wanted more. I had a lot of time in my hands and was reading to discover myself

When that wonderful lady gave me the 28 page book about personality, I read it voraciously, and I mean no less than 20 times and Eureka!!!

I knew that was what I had been looking for all my life.

Suddenly, I believed the world needed me as I discovered my calling was to GUIDE to fulfil their purpose!

Suddenly, I knew I will be rich if I help people discover themselves. I never thought I would be rich as an Administrator.

Suddenly, I knew I should start a company. I always thought I was not one of those who could start a company but I did 6 months later.

I moved on 8 months after my SELF-DISCOVERY!

Strange things started happening. As a former ardent musician, I was surprised I started missing rehearsals and was focused on becoming the best at analysing people’s personalities, talents, callings and purpose.

I ordered several books from the US and was reading, burying myself in them for a year!

I was self-taught!

The books entered my head!

Today, I have not found anyone with such expertise in Personal Development space.

You also can be the best and become deeply fulfilled in your field if you find your purpose!

Lesson 2: You can be the best and not be DEEPLY fulfilled!

My friends even call me ‘Aworawo’. It means Star gazer!

Someone, after a certain training, called me an ‘Alien’. I do not know what that means. What does it mean, please? LOL

I remember telling my Music Pastor that ‘when I help people discover their calling and purpose, I do not think I am working for the devil’.

I did not feel bad I was not in church ‘serving’ the Lord… church folks might not understand this.

Lesson 3: You must find God in your work daily! You do not need to be in church to feel God!

Your talents had been wired into you as you were being formed in your mother’s womb!

You cannot change it.

The process began 42 days into your conception!


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