Nothing Mystical!!!

So how did it all start?

In 2010, I was given a Personality Type book by a wonderful lady as she observed that I was always trying to guide people (with my native intelligence).

As I got the 28-page -book and started reading the following day…


I found it!

I knew deep within me that this is what I had been looking for !!! –

I will forever be grateful to Sister Vicky! Before then, I had read all manner of books about purpose. I was seeking to discover my purpose and what was special about me at the time.

I literally ‘ate’ that book. I must have read it over 20 times after which it was crystal clear, that  I will be doing this professionally for the rest of my life; helping people experience the same ‘wow’ feeling I felt when I got clarity about my life’s purpose – guiding people into their purpose.

I then went ahead to order for more books on related topics of personality, temperament, purpose etc ; I think about 25 of them in the initial, all from the US (Thanks to Uncle Ayo)!

I remember the night they were delivered to me; I couldn’t sleep! I read and read and kept reading, and this continued for exactly a year. I believe I gave my all into learning from the books back then not only because I wanted to learn but also because I needed to thrive through the most difficult times in my life (the death of one so dear to me).

As I read those books, I did not know that all I was reading was sinking into my subconscious until I discovered that I was observing and analysing the behaviours of everyone around me including my daughter who was barely a year old at the time. Everyone around me and people I also came across all became my guinea pigs – I started observing my daughter’s actions and reactions from her first year. For instance, she could not deal with strangers carrying her. She was only comfortable with people she knew. So, from when she turned one year, 6 months, I knew she was an introvert (she still is). It means her strength will be in deep thinking, working alone for a long time and so on. She was also cuddly and needed to be touched to sleep well. This makes her emotional. When these two are combined, for introverts, they become extremely kind.

I began to see a flow of patterns in human behaviours, interests, motivations as suggested by my books. I also started seeing the influence of (nurture) the environment and background in modifying personality traits and more importantly that it cannot be changed. I continued to observe and noticed how personality affects all that we do; how teachers teach, how students learn, how leaders lead, how pastors preach, the kind of work we would love and succeed in, the kinds of people we are attracted to. I noticed how it even affects our sexuality, parenting and several of our natural inclinations.

Finally, I started seeing how personality is related to the calling and purpose of people. I came to realise that our personality if studied well can give us clues in this regard.

All these information I have romanced with in the last six years and they have become my second nature.

I must say what stands me out is my tremendous gifts of OBSERVATION OF DETAILS and ANALYSIS.

So when after 5minutes of profiling an individual over the telephone (normally, you are supposed to answer between 60 to 100 or even 120 questions), I just say “this is your calling and purpose”, clients usually would say ‘HOW did he do it?’ in wonder.

My gift is at work !

The one that is most amazing is when I speak to 100 or even 200 people in a room and I begin to point them specifically to their calling and purpose.

I see sparkles in their eyes. Joy in their heart s! I now understand the

‘ Tony Robbins effect’

It’s not ‘voodoo’, it is a result of passionately deploying my uniqueness to my calling.

There is difference between discovering your calling and deploying your own uniqueness.

You have your own GIFTS and can create this WOW effect in your work. Find yours!

No one is better than you. Find your own effect!

It will stand you out in whatever field you have been called to.

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