Owotemu Abel


Short of calling my meeting with Mr Adeniyi  a destiny encounter…. it was a chance meeting that changed my outlook and approach to life and how I related with people.

I was at the point of my meeting with him going to take up a new job (after a protracted disengagement from a former employer) and out of curiosity Mr. Adeniyi asked me what the new role entailed and after explaining myself, he made what was (for want of a better term) predictions that came true….

I went back to him and discussed further to prevent what had happened in previous roles I had managed from reoccurring…..

In a nutshell, Mr. Adeniyi’s analysis backed by scientific and insightful counseling methods repositioned my approach towards my work-life and engagement with others.

Thank you for helping me realign my drive and discovering the purpose of my gifts and abilities.