Jane Odonwodo


I met Peterson Adeniyi at the profiling stage of my interview for the role of HR Manager for Venture Platform ltd.

At the time, I found it both strange and exciting that an organization will go all out to engage a Profiler in its recruitment and selection process. I eventually got the job and was even more excited to experience the effect of his recommendations in the make-up of the whole team at Venture Platform and its subsidiaries.

Peterson Adeniyi has been the official Profiler for our company for over five years and literally birthed the makeup of a team of professional, analytical and strategic work force for each.

His work extensively assists our HR team in recruiting not just the right fit for open roles but candidates who perfectly fits our company culture. His recommendations have helped us detect frustration triggers for our candidates and ways we can help our new intakes reach their potential in the work place.

Peterson Adeniyi’s profiling recommendations has made my work as HR Manager less dramatic.