Tijani Hakeem Olaleke



My name is Tijani Hakeem Olaleke, I am a Youth Pastor, Life Coach and Mentor for Teens/Youths, helping young people discover their purpose and fulfilling that purpose with a passion and how it aligns with discovering God is a calling I can only say he graciously endowed me with.

One faithful day Mrs Ifeoma Azogu, a parent of one of Teens in the church had told me about how a man had done Purpose review for her Kids, and she was so excited about all she had discovered about the boys. She felt very positive about me and Mr Adeniyi Perterson meeting.

Then I met Mr Adeniyi Peterson at the end of 2013 or early 2014, a rare and Gifted man, I can say with no iota of doubt, I sometimes wished I met him earlier(Laughs). Need I say he is a very unassuming person which really makes him stand out. After just 6 minutes of meeting him, (he drove to my house oo) my life and that of many he has met through me has changed tremendously.

Encountering him has helped me become a better person in not just knowing my purpose, also in focusing on the one unique thing that makes me, me. He has been invited to speak with the Youth Leaders and Teens at House On The Rock, Abuja, where I was the Youth Pastor and believe it was one of the best moments of our Youth Ministry after then he has helped a lot of families and has also spoken at the Annual Youth Camp in GOSHEN with over 150 Children in attendance.

God has uniquely blessed Mr Adeniyi Peterson with a gift to help people discover their Life’s Purpose. I am eternally grateful and so honoured to have crossed his path. Many will die with not even discovering that unique and particular thing that makes them stand out, that will not be our lot.

I will recommend anyone and everyone. Families, Organizations, Schools, Churches and NGOs need him.