The Multi Talented

One of the common frustrations of multi-talented people is how to manage their many gifts.

I even met one few years ago at a Full Gospel Business Men’s meeting; he had registered 50 companies with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria but was still broke.

No kidding !

Many will say, I can write, I can dance, I speak well in public, I teach and so on.

They are usually afraid they might die average.

One of the best definitions of talent I have ever encountered was in 2010, by the Father of Positive Psychology, himself, Professor Marcus Buckingham.

According to him, talent is a recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be productively applied.

It simply means:

Is there a way that you normally think?

Is there a consistent way that you feel?

Have you discovered a particular way that you behave?

That is your talent.

You will observe that, this is deeper than the definition that sees talent merely as the ability to sing, write, teach, dance and so on

The definition is related to your calling. Your core!

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