Your Talent is Who You Are!!!

Back to multi-talented people.

Multi-talented people are often drawn in different directions and often confused at the end of the day.

The best way to solve this problems is to first and foremost discover and understand what your core is.

I mean, what your CALLING is.

I have identified four (4) callings where everyone belongs.

For instance, if your calling is to INSPIRE HOPE (this is one of the callings I have identified) in teenagers and you have the abilities to write, teach and sing.

What you will do is to use your abilities as vehicles to convey your calling.

So your assignment or purpose is to use your writing, teaching and singing abilities to inspire hope in teenagers.

This will help the multi-talented to be focused.

That way, he will not be writing about fashion today, teach engineering tomorrow and sing to entertain the next week. He knows all his abilities is to inspire hope in teenagers.

This is the way to get maximum results from the amazing gifts you have been endowed with.

I hope this helps?

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